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If the World Were a Village DVD

Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on April 15, 2009

NEW! Based on the best selling and award-winning book by the same title, If the World Were a Village is a 30 minute animated story that delivers an important message using a magical metaphor:  what if the world with six billion people were a village of just 100 people…if-the-worldIn this village of 100 people:
    ·    22 people speak a Chinese dialect and 9 people speak English
    ·    20 earn less than a dollar a day
    ·    32 are of Christian faith
    ·    39 are under 19 years old.If the World Were a Village offers a unique and objective resource. By exploring the lives of  the 100 villagers, children will discover that life in other nations is often very different from their own. The shrunk-down statistics – some surprising, some shocking – and David Smith’s tips on building “world-mindedness” will encourage viewers to embrace the bigger picture and help them to establish their own place in the global village

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