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Media Literacy

Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on January 25, 2010

Media literacy is the ability to sift through and analyze the messages that inform, entertain and sell to us every day. It’s the ability to bring critical thinking skills to bear on all media— from music videos and Web environments to product placement in films and virtual displays on NHL hockey boards. It’s about asking pertinent questions about what’s there, and noticing what’s not there. And it’s the instinct to question what lies behind media productions— the motives, the money, the values and the ownership— and to be aware of how these factors influence content.

Media education encourages a probing approach to the world of media: Who is this message intended for? Who wants to reach this audience, and why? From whose perspective is this story told? Whose voices are heard, and whose are absent? What strategies does this message use to get my attention and make me feel included?

In our world of multi-tasking, commercialism, globalization and interactivity, media education isn’t about having the right answers—it’s about asking the right questions. The result is lifelong empowerment of the learner and citizen.  — Jane Tallim

Link to Media Awareness Network website

The Terry James Resource Library and Media Library have many books, videos and kits that deal with media literacy.

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Cecile & Pepo Discover the Olympics DVD

Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on January 8, 2010

As the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics slowly approach teach your students all about winter sports. Learn the rules of the different Olympic sports helped by our 2 animated friends, Cecile and Pepo. Kids from 3 to 10, will watch the most popular Olympic sports, and learn a little about the basic rules for winter sports including cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey and so much more! Combines original animation and real Olympic action footage, kids learn about the sport as Cecile and Pepo present 30 fun stories based on the most popular Olympic sports.

Click on the Olympic symbol to access the Canadian Olympic School Program website.

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The Drama Teacher’s Survival Guide

Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on January 8, 2010

Written by a veteran high school drama teacher, this practical guide explains how to run a successful extracurricular drama program. Coverage includes everything from selecting a script to conducting auditions, rehearsing the cast, and putting on performances. Technical aspects such as costuming, props, and lighting are also addressed. A number of reproducible forms, including a production checklist, parent letter, and rehearsal schedule are found at the back of the volume.

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The Terry James Resource Library has resources, for teaching theatre arts, for all grades. 


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