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Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on September 29, 2010

Video Streaming is the receiving and playing of videos through the internet.  Now you can stream live, in your classroom, more than 5000 educational videos and video clips (including PBS, National Geographic, Sunburst, A & E and much more) with the Learn360.  Or you can download for later use.  Whichever you choose, it’s instant access from school and home as long as you have an internet connection.

The Terry James Video Library has been busy purchasing videos  and video clips for Learn360.   The complete, award-winning, Language Arts series, Reading Rainbow, is now available on Learn360.  Over 70 feature film clips for Character Education, are now available.  More than 1,000 full length videos, and 6,200 video clips from A&E, are currently accessible.  Check out the Learn360 website for more exciting new features.  Just click on the Learn360 pictured above, or click the link below to see videos that are available from our video library and on Learn360.

Link to our catalogue

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Money and Economics

Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on September 28, 2010

The Terry James Resource Library has many items for teaching students about money and economics.  One of the most recent additions to our collection is Fun With Finance.  This volume offers innovative approaches that let teachers introduce basic concepts of finance and wealth-building into the grade school classroom. Includes 12 readers theatre scripts that each introduce students to aspects of finance, beginning with a discussion of money and moving through various forms of investment, credit, and planning for the future.

Many more money and economics books and kits are available.  Please check out the link to our catalogue for more information.

Link to our catalogue

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It’s a Book

Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on September 9, 2010

It’s a Book

In a world where actual books are slowly being replaced by electronic ones, this wry commentary is timely. A monkey is quietly enjoying a book when a donkey sits down with his computer. The donkey proceeds to ask lots of annoying questions about the book, wondering if it can tweet or blog or scroll. The monkey gets more and more irritated, but soon, something surprising happens. With delightful, clever illustrations.

Joe Bright and the Seven Genre Dudes

Introduce readers to the world of genres with Joe Bright and seven diminutive dudes! This fractured fairy tale puts a fun twist on the story of Snow White.

Each and every day, Stella the master storyteller poses a single question to her magic storybook: “Storybook, storybook, carved upon the chair, who is the storyteller extraordinaire?” And each and every day, the book replies,“You, Stella, are a great story tella!” But one fateful day, the magic storybook has a different answer for his powerful owner: “You, Stella, are talented it’s true, but Joe Bright is quite a storyteller, too.” Stella is enraged by the news of a talented newcomer, and so begins this delightful fractured fairy tale of a miffed storytelling enchantress, the winsome Joe Bright and the delightful seven genre dudes, whose memorable personalities and penchant for books of all kinds ultimately save the day for storytelling audiences throughout the kingdom.

With comprehensive library lessons and vibrant illustrations, this charming picture book will have students remembering Joe Bright—and literary genres—happily ever after!

Click on the book image above for the link to our catalogue.

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