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New Guided Reading Titles

Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on August 9, 2011

Twelve new readers are now added to the existing Tadpoles series.  Tadpoles are structured to provide support for early readers.  The stories may also be used by adults for sharing with young children.  A list of words inside the front cover allows a review of words in the book before reading.  Provides strong visual support and repeats words and phrases.  Reading levels with interest levels are indicated.  Sturdy hardcovers.

Link to catalogue

Sixteen new titles in the MY WORLD series from Crabtree answer questions such as,  when is a dog not a dog?  in “It looks like a dog“.  Simple question-and answer format  features rhyme in “What is it?” For spring, check-out “I like riding“, “I like to play” or “Which season is it?” Cover animal topics with “Farm animals“, “Animal mothers“,  “How are they the same?”, “Night animals“, “Animals move like this“, “How do animals grow and change?”, “What is a food chain?”  For Earth theme try “Water changes” or “How do plants help us?” Discover “Where does our food come from?” or what different objects are made from in “What is it made from?”

Link to catalogue

Six titles in new THE SCIENCE of NUTRITION series explore the purpose of particular nutrients and explains why our bodies need them, how we get them, and what happens if we get to much or too little of them.  Detailed diagrams show how the body processes nutrients.

Link to catalogue


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