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Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on June 11, 2012

Canadian Teachers’ Federation “believes the role of educators is critical in creating positive societal change to address the realities of BGLTT issues for students, parents, and teachers.

Teachers can no longer ignore or deny homophobic and heterosexist prejudice and hatred in addressing discrimination in Canadian education.

The following CTF publications have been produced to help teachers, school administrators, and counselors understand the educational, health and safety needs of bisexual, gay, lesbian, trans-identified and two-spirited (BGLTT) students:”…

Supporting transgender and transsexual students in K-12 schools (2012)  306.76 WEL

Link to catalogue

 Challenging silence, challenging censorship (2007)  306.766 SCH

Link to catalogue

Gay-straight student alliance handbook (2006) 306.766 WEL

Link to catalogue

Lessons learned: a collection of stories and articles about bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender issues (2005) 306.766 LES

Link to catalogue

CTF  “hope these resources will become important contributions to anti-homophobia and anti-heterosexism education which will promote equity through practicing the principle of inclusion, affirming the identity of individuals and groups, initiating comprehensive schools programs supporting equity.”

Link to Canadian Teachers’ Federation Website 

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