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Brain Based Learning: Five New Works on Executive Function and the Brain

Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on April 5, 2013

Executive function in the classroom: practical strategies for improving performance and enhancing skills for all students, by Christopher Kaufman. 370.152 KAU

A practical guide to enhance students attention and impulse control, to manage time and be organized.  Memorable metaphors and classroom examples provide crystal-clear explanations of brain functioning executive function and how it affects students’ learning and behavior.  Provides research-based guidance to improve executive function skills in reading, math, and writing.  Includes practical forms, templates, organizers, and checklists to help students improve in specific areas.

Helping students take control of everyday executive functions : the attention fix, by Paula Moraine.  371.9 MOR

Attention is addressed in context as one of the executive functions.  Ideas are offered for understanding, nurturing, and reviving executive function from the perspective of the parent, teacher, and the student.  Presents an innovative model for strengthening and developing executive function in any student.  Provides guidance on how to support each student’s evolving executive function, and how to encourage those who are ready to develop self-advocacy and become more responsible for the development of his/her own executive function skills.

Beyond behavior management : the six life skills children need.  Second edition, by Jenna Bilmes 371.1024 BIL

Developed and tested in the classroom.  Help for you to guide young children’s behavior by helping them build essential life skills : collaboration, adaptability, attachment, self-regualtion, contribution, and belonging.   This strength-based approach includes strategies, examples of supportive interactions, and special activities to help manage challenging behaviors and foster social and emotional development.  Second edition aligns each life skill with early learning standards, and addresses cultural awareness and its impact on child development.–Provided by publisher.  

Beyond the label : a guide to unlocking a child’s educational potential, by Karen L. Schiltz …[et al].  370.154 SCH

This book for parents, educators and healthcare providers shows how to obtain necessary assessments to better understand a child’s strengths and weaknesses in school.  Explains what an educational accommodation is and how it can serve as a bridge to learning by specifically targeting a child’s weaknesses in school to level the playing field.  Provides clear insights into often opaque labels and acronyms that are rapidly hurled at parents…

Positive strategies for students with behavior problems, by Daniel Crimmins …[et al].  370.1528 POS

Provides a staring point for educators supporting students with challenging behavior and provides a means to deliver effective supports that are grounded in research and anchored in a humanistic orientation.  Includes several case examples – one in depth through several chapters allows readers to follow a student as members plan and conduct a functional behavioral assessment and behavior intervention plan.

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