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About TJ’s Bulletin Blog

TJ’s Bulletin Blog was created to promote the new resources at the Terry James Resource Centre for the Upper Grand District School Board community.   The blog does not replace our online catalogue which is your best source for doing a complete search of our available resources.   The online catalogue is available on our website.

Our blog changes frequently so we have added an RSS feed to the site so that you you will never miss an update.

What is RSS?  RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds allow you to keep up-to-date on your favorite websites by “subscribing” to their feeds. New information added to those sites can be easily browsed by visiting a single web page, called a “news reader”. The news reader automatically checks for updates and displays them for you. You can receive new posts without having to visit our site in one of two ways.

Subscribe in a reader – Create an account in a news reader like Bloglines or Google News first and then you can subscribe to our feed.

Subscribe to TJ’s Bulletin Blog by email – Enter your email address and new content will be automatically delivered to your email inbox.

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