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Digital Photography

Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on October 19, 2010

Digital photographs can be manipulated, displayed, printed,  made into art, and much more.  The Terry James Resource Library has many digital photography resources from “how to” books to Ontario Ministry of Education licensed software.  Follow the link below to check out what is available in our online catalogue.

Link to our catalogue

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Les Classiques de Frederic Back – Frederic Back Classics (DVD)

Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on September 11, 2009

frederick backRegroupe les principales œuvres du cinéaste d’animation québécois Frédéric Back.  Présentation spéciale par Hubert Tison et Frédéric Back  — Abracadabra  — Inon, ou, La conquête du feu  — La création des oiseaux –Illusion? — Taratata! — Tout rien — Crac!  — Le fleuve aux grandes eaux  — Entrevue: Frédéric Back et “Le fleuve aux grandes eaux” — L’homme qui plantait des arbres — Entrevue avec Jean Giono, auteur du récit “L’homme qui plantait des arbres”  — Entrevue avec Hubert Tison — Portrait de Frédéric Back = Portrait of Frédéric Back.

The best known works of Canadian animation legend Frédéric Back.  Special introduction by Hubert Tison and Frédéric Back  — Abracadabra  —  Inon or the Conquest of fire  —  The creation of birds — Illusion?  — Taratata! —  All nothing  — Crac!  —  The mighty river  —  Interview: Frédéric Back and The mighty river —  The man who planted trees  —  Interview with Jean Giorno, author of “The man who planted trees”  — Interview with Hubert Tison —  Portrait of Frédéric Back  —  Interview with Frédéric Back.

Frédéric Back, internationally renowned film-animation artist, muralist, illustrator, and teacher (born at Sarrebrück, France 8 Apr 1924). Back studied Fine Art at Rennes, France, before immigrating to Canada in 1948. He was hired by Radio Canada in Montréal in 1952 and worked in graphics and visual effects on many educational and scientific television shows. In 1968 Back joined the newly created (by Hubert Tison) animation division, releasing his first film, Abracadabra, in 1970. Since then he has finished eight more short animated films, primarily for young children and usually with a message associated with ecology or Quebec culture. His films are known for his exquisite technique of drawing on frosted acetate with coloured pencils in a gentle post-Impressionist style.

Link to our catalogue

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Primary and Junior Art

Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on July 14, 2008

We have recently updated our art books to include many items featuring famous artists, and new ideas for hands on art lessons.  Titles include: 

Edouard Manet – Edgar Degas – El Greco – Paul Cezanne – The Power of pictures: creating pathways to literacy through art, grade K-6 – Pattern & texture – I spy colors in art – The Usborene art treasury – Primary art: it’s the process not the product

We have many more art and art related books, for all grade levels, in our library.

Link to our catalogue

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