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Life in the Middle Ages DVD Series

Posted by terryjamesresourcecentre on September 18, 2009

What was it like to be a valiant knight, an affluent noble or a penniless serf in medieval Europe? Watch Life in the Middle Ages and find out! This engaging video series explores the lives of people from the Middle Ages and the complex and interesting relationships that developed among them. Remarkable facts about the housing, food, clothing and entertainment of the times are offered within the context of exciting historical reenactments and dramatic footage of European castles and medieval festivals. Go behind the scenes with our knowledgeable and enthusiastic host as she shoots a documentary about the Middle Ages and provides us with a great deal of information in the process!  Titles include:

The Doctor — A History of the Middle Ages — The Merchant — The Monk — The Serf — The Noble — Social Structure in the Middle Ages — The Knight.

Link to our catalogue

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